Top CDC Official links MMR Vaccine to Autism



In 2004 the CDC released a study in the prestigious journal of pediatrics claiming that no link between the MMR Vaccine (measles,  mumps and rubella) causing Autism spectrum disorder was found. 

One of the authors of the study William Thompson has released a legal statement through his lawyer Frederick M. Morgan Jr. claiming

” I regret that my co-authors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article posted in the journal of pediatrics.”

the original article can be viewed at the journal of pediatrics if purchased.

William Thompson believes in Vaccine technology but claims

“my concern has been the decision to omit relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub-group for a particular Vaccine.”

It is concerning that a large medical authority such as the CDC would publish a study knowing information has been purposely omitted.  It is also concerning that many major media outlets are not covering the release of this whistle-blowers testimony. 

Did the CDC choose to omit information from any other studies?

Translational Neurodegeneration is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that covers research, therapeutics and education for all aspects of neurodegenerative diseases. They seem to be one of the only journals that is expressing concern for these new revelations.

The CDC has not made a public statement and seems to be ignoring the fact that one of their top researchers is claiming the data has been purposely manipulated.  There should be a public statement made and I will update this post when I receive the CDC’s response.

Actor Rob Schneider claims that

“As a concerned citizen of the State of California, I feel compelled to share with you proof the CDC committed fraud (I have copies of the original CDC report that was later suppressed and fraudulently changed).”

In Rob’s well written letter to the governor’s office he describes his belief that

“This policy of one size fits all Vaccine schedule for every child is as absurd as giving the same eye prescription glasses to every child. The fact is EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT and there is currently NO SYSTEM or thought to which child could be more susceptible to adverse reactions including permanent injury and death from any Vaccine or Vaccine ingredients.”

The technology to have blood sent to a lab and analysed under a microscope seems like the best way to make sure vaccines are safe.

It seems like a simple solution to have all blood tested before receiving an injection but I haven’t seen a lab that will do this.  I also don’t see our health care system providing this service even though it would be the safest way to vaccinate our population.

In a society where peanuts kill some kids yet nourish others we must be much more careful what we put in our bodies.

Vaccine technology has proven it’s usefulness and has saved many lives in the past. It seems like the evolution of this technology has led to a profit driven system rather than one solely based on health.

Brad Harris

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