Internet Censorship; Celebrities, ISIS and Hackers



Photo credit Tyler Menezes

What does the beheading of journalists,  hacked Home Depot Credit Card accountsleaks of nude celebrity photosChina Hacking 4.5 million hospital recordsRussian hackers,  and the power grid have in common.

All of these are creating the need for Internet censorship.  How could the beheading of a journalist lead to Internet censorship you ask?

The British government claims it could be a crime to watch the beheading of American journalist James Foley. While at the same time twitter, Facebook,  and YouTube are saying they don’t have the right to censor the social media terror group. 

This coming from the same Facebook and Twitter that claims it is not censorship to remove “irrelevant or inappropriate posts. ”  YouTube has also been caught censoring people for copyright Infringement even though the poster was the content creator. YouTube is also complying with thousands of requests from governments to censor and remove videos that show protests and other examples of citizens simply asserting their rights, while also deleting search terms by government mandate.

Governments around the world are trying to censor the Internet but are allowing certain things to be shown to help pass their censorship agenda.  This is selective censorship in order to pass larger censorship regulation.

After governments failed to pass Internet censorship regulations like SOPA (stop online piracy act) and PIPA (personal information protection act) they have been slowly scaring people into believing they need government censorship to keep them safe online.

The secret and so called Democratic Trans Pacific Partnership is the new legal framework being created to help censor the Internet.

Governments around the world are working together to censor what information people can share.  Even though the people always rally for their right to free Internet, the governments have changed their tactics to accomplish it’s censorship agenda.

The governments are looking for a very large and devastating reason to censor the Internet.  It could be a possibility that they will use ISIS as their next big excuse. 

Top American government officials are claiming that ISIS also known as al-qaeda will attack the American power grid.  There are only a small number of vulnerabilities to exploit and using a virus such a stuxnet could be used.  This intern would lead to the apparent need for Internet censorship and the implementation of Internet ID’s .

Governments have been known to allow vulnerabilities to be exploited in order to pass policy they think beneficial to their agenda’s.  Whether staged or real we must be aware that this policy is secretly trying to be implemented without the people’s consent.

If people are scared enough they will more than likely give up their rights,  a couple days or even weeks without power could be the perfect excuse.  When governments are trying every trick in the book to censor the Internet we need to stop them. 

Fear or no fear we must not allow Internet censorship.

Brad Harris

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