Eugenics; A Deep Philosophical Belief



Throughout all of human history there have been people who believe they have superior genetics.  Some of these people have put plans in motion to eradicate those they believe are inferior.  Some of the most powerful people who have publicized their beliefs in eugenics are Adolf Hitler (Nazi leader) ,  Margaret Sanger (founder of planned parenthood) , major Leonard Darwin (president of international eugenics congress, son to Charles Darwin) ,  Charles Davenport (American biologist),  Francis Galton (famous mathematician) and many others.

The argument that some people are superior to others is easy to debate.  The fact that people use this debate to murder people in mass is extremely worrying but real.  Hitler alone killed between 11 to 60 million people depending on the way the numbers are calculated. Hitler had armies of people who took part in the eugenics philosophy but also had many corporate and private funders who also believed. 

When you investigate the money trail of Hitler and his regime you will find that many of his funders are still in business while others have just changed their company names. Union banking company (UBC) a bank run by the Bush family is known to have helped fund Hitler’s tyranny.  IBM was known to provide the technology needed to identify and categorize the victims of the holocaust. Rockefeller’s chase bankstandard oil, Brown Brothers Harriman,  and Thyssens Steel Trust were all known collaborators of the nazi’s.

Many of these companies don’t exist anymore but the trusts and the family wealth has continued.  Many of these funders and collaborators who made millions of dollars were never charged with funding this war criminal. Some of these people claim they were ignorant to Hitler’s true beliefs but it is clear through many of the public and secret societies writings that this belief was wide spread amongst these powerful people. 

When the war was supposedly over because one man, Hitler, was dead. Could all of these people completely change their deep philosophical beliefs and now oppose eugenics? 

Could one man have possibly run this whole operation without his followers believing in the same principles? Could people like Josef Mendele, Vladimir Katriuk, Hans Lipschis, and any other persons listed as war criminals by the Simon Wiesenthal Center have either not known about the mass executions or changed their beliefs after Hitler’s death?

For those who believe that this philosophical belief in eugenics has disappeared you are sadly mistaken.  Those who have this belief have changes there tactics in deploying a eugenics program. 

There are some very wealthy and powerful people who believe it is their duty to cull the hurd and control the population of humans.

Analogy is the best way to understand how these modern eugenecists think and operate. 

For example, when you are trying to remove rodents from your house there are many possible ways to accomplish this goal, but some work better than others.  The best way of removing a rodent is to poison them with a slow acting poison.  If you kill them to soon they will figure out the threat and avoid it. But if you kill them with a slow acting agent they are less likely to figure out what is happening and your kill rate will be much higher.  The slower you kill them the more will die,  the faster you kill them the quicker they will avoid your trap.

This is what is going on with the modern day eugenics movement.  Because these eugenecists know they must stay hidden from the public they have decided to slowly poison the masses. 

Using many different chemicals at different concentrations the eugenecists have successfully increased the cancer rate,  autism rate and mortality rate.  The eugenecists are using the guise of naturally occurring cancers and autism to cover their tracks.  Claiming with the increase in population of course there is an increase in disease.

The eugenics movement is not dead by any means.  Those who are running these programs are very smart and do not want people to know how they plan on reducing the population.  Population reduction is their number one goal and using corporate and political power to disguise their plans is clearly evident if you investigate.

Some people claim this could not be possible,  but people also claimed that Hitler wasn’t killing millions of people, even though he clearly was.  The eugenics movement is a dangerous philosophy but if you become aware of it you will be much safer and healthier.

Eugenics dogma states that if you are not smart enough to know your being poisoned then you deserve to die because you are inferior.

Know what chemicals you are injesting and how they affect your body. Stay healthy and stay aware. 

Brad Harris

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