CIVIL WAR – How America will fall


Albert Pike was an American attorney,  confederate officer, writer, philosopher and Freemason.

He published a book called Morals and Dogma in 1871. This book was a philosophical masterpiece because it was contrived of many philosophers works. Although he didn’t site his sources it’s content is clearly composed by many brilliant people.

There are many topics covered in this book and for those of you who have the patience and skill to comprehend this work, you will not only gain knowledge but wisdom. This book Covers philosophy, mathematics, ancient mysteries and so much more interesting knowledge, and because of our global state of ever increasing war the analysis and knowledge of war is what we will focus on.

“Wars are almost always fatal to republics. They create tyrants, and consolidate their power.”

these tyrants are always removing peoples freedoms so

“we need only glance at the reigns of Tiberius,  Nero, and Caligula, of Heliogabalus and Caracalla, of Dominican and Corn-modus, to recognize that the difference between freedom and despotism Is as wide as that between Heaven and Hell. The cruelty, baseness, and insanity are incredible.”

It is undeniable that throughout most of history good people have been ruled by tyrants. It is also true that all these tyrants create different brutally insane realities.

These tyrants come to power because good men either don’t see the slow increase in tyranny or they are scared to stand up to it.  We need only look back to the Nazis to see how these tyrants grow to power.

“Men and nations will always sell themselves into slavery, to gratify their passion and obtain revenge.” 

these tyrants are psychopaths, and psychopaths always use peoples emotional responses for control.

Making people react using tribal psycology can be done many different ways, but it can almost always be done by an attack, whether staged or real.

Albert Pike said

“a civil war in America will end in shaking the world.”

It seems that the Obama administration and most of Washington DC are pushing the American people into a civil war. The administration has completely ignored all due process passing laws by using executive orders to fundamentally change America.

An executive order was signed Into law by Obama allowing government the power to arrest and detaine American citizens without a trial. The national defense authorization act (NDAA) is the legal framework to deal with civil unrest.

The Obama administration and his collaborators have openly broken the law and been caught. Operation Fast and Furious revealed that the US Justice department was responsible for shipping guns to Mexican drug cartels just so they could blame American gun owners and restrict their right to have weapons.

The IRS have been targeting groups who dont have the same religious or moral beliefs. When this investigation started somehow all the computers and files related to the investigation went missing and the hard drives destroyed.

The list goes on and on but a pattern of government trying to push those who care about freedom into a civil war is clear. The military and government has been training and preparing for civil unrest.  If a civil war starts the power that these tyrants hold will be increased through violence.

When this

“civil war tears the vitals of a republic, (U.S.) let it look back and see if it has not been guilty of injustice; and if it has, let it humble itself in the dust.”

“Surely we need but reflect a little, to be convinced that the individual man is but a fraction of the unit society. ..Not only the actions, but the will and thought of other men make or mar his fortunes, control his destinies, are unto him life or death, dishonor or honor.”

When a society is ruled by the few should they all be blamed for such atrocities of war.

Some people believe

“Wars, like thunder-storms, are often necessary to purify the stagnant atmosphere. War is not a demon, without remorse or reward.”

This type of belief and justification for war is normally the dogma of those who don’t fight in front line war. They are the creators and funders of war.

“A war for a great principle enables a nation. A war for commercial supremacy,  upon some shallow pretext, is despicable, and more than aught else demonstrates to what immeasurable depths of baseness men and nations can descend.”

The wars that the world is seeing are of no great principle.

“War has not ceased; still there are battles and sieges. Homes are still unhappy,  and tears and anger and spite make hells where there should be heavens.”

“War conies with its bloody hand into our very dwellings. It takes from ten thousand homes those who lived there in peace and comfort, held by the tender ties of family and kindred. It drags them away, to die untended.”

“There is a skeleton in every house, a vacant chair at every table. Returning,  the soldier brings worse sorrow to his home,  by the infection he has caught, of camp-vices. The country is demoralized.”

The endless wars that have caused world strife have also demoralized almost every culture in the world.

“Each age re-enacts licenses outrage and turns fruitful lands into deserts, and god is thanked in churches for bloody butcheries,  and the remorseless devastators,  even when swollen by plunder, are crowned with laurels and receive ovations.”

“There has not been a moment since men divided into tribes, when all the world was at peace. Always men have been engaged in murdering each other somewhere.”

“The roar and shriekings of civil war are all around us: the land is pandemonium: man is again a savage.

But still

“The great armies roll along their hideous waves, and leave behind them smoking and depopulated deserts. The pillager is in every house, plucking even the morsel of bread from the starving child.”

If we are to fight any war it is a war against evil, oppression, ignorance and wrong.

It is an information war and without the desire or capability to gather information you will become a victim of this war.

Warfare has changed in the more than 100 years this book was written, but the understanding of how war will destroy the freedoms we once enjoyed is shockingly accurate. Ultimately our own ignorance and fear will lead us in the same direction as all our past civilizations.

Civil war will lead to the destruction of the only true modern republic to exist. The one way to stop this civil war is to arrest the bankers, politicians, doctors, lawyers and anyone involved in the destruction of due process and the constitution.

Brad Harris

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