Pope resigned over pedophile ring?


History was made on February 11, 2013 when the catholic pope Benedict or Joseph Ratzinger resigned from his office during peace time.

After the pope resigned there was major controversy over the reason. The internet was flooded with speculation. Benedict has labeled these theories as “simply absurd.” Benedict claims the real reason was health concerns.

The pope has decided that with his poor health he will stay within the Vatican city state. The Vatican is the smallest internationally recognized independent state.

If the pope stays in the Vatican he will have immunity from prosecution. Any convictions against the pope in international courts will have no authority to arrest or detain him.

The ITCCS claims that In order to avoid arrest for aiding and protecting child raping priests the pope resigned and asked for international immunity.  public outrage and the demand for his arrest is said to have scared the pope into not leaving his safe haven.

It seems that for every major political event there are always so many possible truths it is almost impossible to get the real truth. Will we ever know the real reasons?

Producing multiple stories with conflicting evidence is a widely used tactic in the intelligence community.  Co-intel pro is a declassified CIA program used  to manipulate public opinion. Using ‘credible’ sources to release conflicting stories creates the ability for infighting about why or how an event happened instead of who did it.

There is no denying the fact that our world has pedophiles and murderers. It is also a fact that some of these murderers and child molesters use positions of power and politics to gain access to victims and cover the crimes committed.

Pope Francis has said in an interview
“Many of my collaborators who fight with me (against paedophilia) reassure me with reliable statistics that say that the level of paedophilia in the Church is at about two percent,” 2 percent of 414 000 members is roughly 8000 pedophiles in the church.

Pedophiles will go to great lengths to hide their behavior and use the environment around them to lure victims. They use psychological tactics to control innocent child and adult victims.

Listed below are cases that show the horror pedophiles create.

A mass grave of children is being uncovered at the Mohawk Institute, Ontario. It was founded in 1832 by the Crown and Church of England, records indicate that on average 40% of the attending children died until it closed in 1970. Its estimated to be about 50,000  children ‘malnurished’ in its care during its 130 years of operation. Some survivors claim rape and torture were a part of school life.

Jimmy Savile is a pedophile connected with royalty, the BBC and politics in the UK. He used his charity and political connections to get away with raping 7 to 75 year old victims. Victimizing over 450 children and adults.  It is just now being investigated how someone with keys to the royal palace was able go so long without being caught.

William Vahey a school teacher at one of London Englands prestigious private schools molesting over 60 children.

Jimmy sandusky a pen state football coach was convicted of molesting 10 boys. Using his connection with Penn state football to lure his victims.

U.K’s MP pedophile scandal. A British MP who alleges a pedophile ring in parliament was surprised that 114 documents in government archives were lost or deleted when requested for evidence.

There are many more scandals to list but one thing is for sure, Pedophiles are horrible people and those who try and cover for them are just as bad.

Governments and church’s have a way of losing documents and evidence when they are being investigated. If a civilian were to lose evidence they are presummed guilty. If a government loses evidence it is always just a mistake. The ITCCS claim they are trying to create a balance in investigating government and church’s.

Who should investigate such horrible crimes?

Brad Harris
Harris Journal

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