Ebola Disaster could quarantine everyone


The center for disease control (CDC) and prevention has authority to quarantine citizens under specific laws and regulations.  Under these regulations  the ability to isolate and quarantine infected and non infected citizens is under federal jurisdiction. 

This document was prepared for a subcommittee on intelligence and upcoming threats, it provides details on funding and authority for biological,  chemical and or nuclear response.

With the increase in terrorist attacks and natural disasters, the probobility of disease, biological, chemical or physical warfare emerging is increasing daily.

We have heard recent news stories of ebola outbreakslost viles of small Poxunsecured Labs housing deadly viruses and illegal immigrants bringing in diseases and many more.

There are many ways these diseases can spread but understanding the government and health agencies plans during these events can be very enlightening, when the plans aren’t classified.

Continuity of government (COG) programs are key to understanding response plans but they are secret.  Under these regulations a ‘unelected government’ will be enacted to respond to any national emergency.

The official white house website shows how Obama has used executive orders to enact parts of this program even without a disaster being declared.

An Executive order is a politically correct term for a dictators order. Here is an executive order authorizing the control of all resources in an emergency.

If a tragedy, man made or not were to hit humanity on a global level there is a group of people in the government who will gain immense powers over the population of every country. 

Unelected bodies such as the United Nations (UN), North Atlantic treaty organization (NATO) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will hold the power of military, police, finances and courts.

It is almost impossible to know if or when a disaster will strike but it is a fact the power of government will increase with a national emergency.

Brad Harris
Sunday, August 3, 2014
Harris Journal

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