Canada: mass child graves


There are serious allegations being made by a group of Canadian and Native American citizens that is hard to believe. 

The international tribunal for crimes of church and state ( posts and examines the evidence of genocide and child murder from countries around the world.  This group believes based on evidence that the people named in these documents are guilty.

A residential school in Brantford Ontario has been listed as a international crime scene. What some are saying is evidence of a mass grave of young children has also been called a hoax and fraud.

If you investigate these allegations you will quickly realize there are people in the church and government’s that are protecting the public from seeing all the evidence.

You will see character assassinations of both the accused and the accuser.  You will hear dramatic stories of investigation sabotage,  deaths of people connected to the investigation and the withholding and disappearance of vital information,  sophisticated pedophile rings.

You will hear allegations of a powerful world wide ring of people connected to the monarch,  church and government’s who practice pedophile ritual murders and genocide. 

It will take hours of research and dedication to sift through all the different evidence and in the end their seems to be more questions than answers. 

Obviously we needs to have a proper investigation into such extreme allegations. 

Who can be trusted to do this Investigation? If we can’t see all the evidence how will ever know what really happened?

Should those who are accused of these crimes be trusted to do a proper Investigation?

The itccs has stated they would like outside researchers to do any forensic work. 

July 28th 2014
Brad Harris
Harris Journal

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