Russia blamed: War drums sound


Image by rusi. Com

Brad Harris
Harris Journal
July 21 2014

The powers that control our nation seem to be very eager to go to war with Russia.  It seems that a cold war style war is starting to resurface between NATO and Russia. 

Russia and the Russian separatists are being blamed for shooting down a civilian airline  carrying about 295 people traveling over Ukraine.

Forbes magazine writes smoking gun evidence Russian separatists have shot down plane.

There are reports that the pilot changed flight course last minute and flew over a danger zone.

Russia and the separatists have denied any part of this tragedy.  The Guardian is reporting on how this event and investigation are unfolding.

So who do we believe? So should we trust our government or the Russian government.  False flag operations have been used in the past to start wars for unjust causes so can we trust either side?

Remember In order to investigate situations like this you have to think about who would gain from such an act of terrorism. Sometimes we learn that the group claiming to be the victims are the masterminds behind the crime.

More people are starting to see through the politicization of these events.  Web sites like and info wars. Com are showing a more in depth analysis of these situations.

If this war comes to fruition you will see our government’s implement certain programs. These programs will include laws and regulations to restrict Internet communications and increase monitoring of communications.

A debate will start calling for the arrest or quarantine of Russia loyalists.  In order to keep the nation safe of course.

The government’s will argue they need to start using internet search history’s to label certain people as Russian spy’s or Russian loyalists because they don’t want to be racist towards Russians.

The government’s will also use fake Internet histories to start arresting any political dissident, blogger or intelligence agents whom they feel threaten national security.

This war mongering is all to take away more of our freedoms in the name of terrorism. 

Terrorist groups are being funded by large donors all over the world and access to the sophisticated technology and weaponry is all traceable.  There should be a public investigation into how these military’s being called rebels, terrorists and seperatists got  training and funding. It seems terrorists are being trained by both Russia and US government’s.

With all of the illegal spying,  drones,  satellites,  and ground Intelligence how did that system fail to warn government’s of an army massing on Bagdad.  In June 2014 Over 1000 vehicles and 3000 terrorist were able to take weapons,  chemical factories banks and US bases. 

This was a massive failure by our spy grid.  The probability the government didn’t see this is very low and if they really missed that it’s embarrassing and a disappointment.

Maybe this event is being used for an  alternative motive.

Isis has been leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Beheading Iraq military, Christians, women and kids. Isis has claimed more than 1700 innocent people since their attacks started .

There is a lot of evidence that NATO and the US trained this terrorist group to fight Assad in Syria. Obama has been trying to publicly fund ‘moderate’ rebels to the tune of about $500 Million dollars.

Obama’s administration has recently
changed the law to make funding terrorist legal.

You will probably never know what really happened but seeing both government’s have been funding terrorists can we trust either.

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