Small Pox Possible False Flag


Brad Harris
Harris Journal

The (CDC) center for disease and prevention says the (FDA) federal drug
Administration misplaced viles of small Pox virus.  The virus was lab made in the US around the 50’S and found in a closet 50 years later.

They say they found the viles but because they should not have been there they can’t be sure if any other viles have gone missing since that time.
Because this disease had been eradicated with vaccines people are not currently vaccinated.

It could benefit the globalist if this virus was spread because they could finally use the success rate of an old vaccine to enforce mandatory vaccination.


This release is setting us up for plausible deniability arguments.  If small pox is released they will be able to explain why there is an outbreak of this traceable US made lab created virus.

They will also say it will be easy to eradicate because it’s from the 50’s and they already have the anti – body vaccine.

If you investigate look to see the differences in the ingredients of the vaccine from 50’s to now. There was a vaccine approved in 2007 incase an emergency outbreak.


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