Could you explain what yellow is to a blind person?

yellow sky

Could you explain to a blind person what the color of yellow looks like?

There are a lot of people on this earth who have a hard time believing anything they didn’t see with their own two eyes.  If this is the truth then that logic would lead a blind person to believe that yellow doesn’t actually exist.  Well I think we can all agree that yellow does exist but the definition and way you view yellow will vary person to person. If someone has never seen the color yellow or any color, how can we expect they know what we are talking about when we say the word yellow? There are also 10 levels to every color so if we say yellow each person could have a different shade in mind. Can you only see color because of contrast in color? Can you know what yellow is without knowing what red or blue are?

 Let’s try and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes for a moment.  If you were born blind would you just believe that yellow exists?  Let’s say you did believe it existed because those people around you would never deceive you, what exactly do you believe it is? What kind of description can perfectly explain to someone blind what yellow is? What evidence could someone give you that would make you believe in yellow? I am leading you to see that sometimes our realities can be drastically different than others but an understanding is always better than a fear or ignorance.

Looking at analogies is the best way to portray a concept. And what I am trying to get at is that sometimes we have to put ourselves in other people’s situations and realize that sometimes we may not directly see something but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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